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Papakura Pet Parlour

Photo Gallery

Dogs Dogs a very hairy husky 204688686 204320628 Flat out at the groomers 204320624 A happy couple. 204163223 204473920 204688684 bearded collie 204688687 Treats work wonders to keep a dogs attention for a photo 204163210 204163241 204320631 204473853 204473916 204473917 Lucky Boy This lovely boy won the Lotto in life - being re-homed to a couple who really love him. 204473918 a briard - large, but lovely 204688685 204473919 puppies do get tired of all the standing required at the groomer 204583040 and another puppy asleep - a spaniel this time 204583041 Looking for an escape route 204583042 204583043 having a play afterwards 204583044 looking very pleased with himself 204688688